The Two Door Beauford

This gorgeous 1930’s style open-top tourer, would make any wedding that little bit more special. This classic style car, finished in deep cream, with a chocolate interior really does look the part and will be there to compliment your photographs. Then with the hood down, everybody can see the new Bride & Groom as they smoothly make their way to the reception.

The Four Door Beauford

This Beautiful 1930’s style Beauford is the latest edition to the fleet. It is finished in cream, with a deep red leather interior. It features 4 doors making it easily accessible, even for those with larger bridal gowns. This stunning car would enhance any photographs of your special day.

The Daimler Landaulette

The Daimler Landaulette Limousine is the newest addition to the fleet. Not only can it accommodate 7 passengers, it also features a drop down hood. It is finished in a Creamy Elegant white, complimented by a black hood. This car is sure to meet all practical needs, aswell as having the option to drop down the hood as the Daimler Landaulette whisks the married couple to their reception.

The Daimler

The Daimler Limousine is a most traditional wedding car and is available to take the bridal party to the wedding. There is plenty of room, even for the largest of bridal gowns and they can seat up to seven passengers. The new Bride & Groom will be able to relax in comfort as the Daimler takes them to the Reception.

The Rolls Royce

The elegant Rolls Royce Silver Shadows are here to whisk you away to your wedding in style. Sit back, relax and watch the ribbons flutter gently in the breeze, as you celebrate with a glass of bubbly on your way to the reception.

The Mercedes

The white Mercedes limousine makes the perfect wedding car! With easy access and its spacious interior, this makes the journey so much more comfortable for the Bridal party and it can accommodate seven passengers with ease.